What Can I Recycle?

Curbside & Drop-Off Recycling

The following materials are accepted for curbside and drop-off recycling. 

  • Plastic bottles
  • Plastic jugs (Ex: detergent, cat litter, milk, juice, and coffee containers) 
  • Plastic tubs (Ex: sour cream, butter, yogurt, cream cheese containers) 
  • Plastic cups (Ex. Plastic coffee cups, fruit cups, applesauce cups, takeout cups from restaurants) 
  • The lids from these items are recyclable if replaced on the empty container. If you would not call the plastic item a bottle, jug, cup or tub, please do not include it in curbside recycling.

Not for Curbside or Drop-off Recycling

(Not an All-Inclusive List)

The following materials are not accepted for curbside recycling , but may have a special outlet. Visit our Recycling and Reuse Outlet tool for more details.

Do Not Put These Items in Your Recycling Cart

Please place your recyclable items loose in the cart or bin. Do not place your recyclables in plastic bags. The only exception is shredded paper, which should be placed in a clear plastic bag. All items should be empty (no need to wash, but please rinse). Labels are ok and do not need to be removed.