This page contains information about "One Day Electronic Recycling Events" and "Year-Round Residential Electronics Recycling Outlets" for your use. This page is updated as new information becomes available as long as the event is open to the public. To receive information about future one-day electronic recycling events, sign up for the Hamilton County Environmental Services mailing list. These events are not affiliated with Hamilton County R3Source. Please contact the respective event organizer for more details.

Year-Round Residential Electronics Recycling Outlets

Year-Round Residential Electronics Recycling Outlets

Please note that Hamilton County R3Source has not audited all the facilities listed. Before using any computer recycler, make sure to conduct due diligence on the company. You are ultimately responsible for the proper disposal of electronic equipment. Recyclers should provide a certificate of recycling and be able to tell you where each piece of de-manufactured equipment is sent.

Some of the locations accept microwaves.

Please confirm acceptance prior to dropping off material as businesses often change what they accept and/or pricing.