Waste Reduction

Conserve resources and save money! For one-on-one assistance to find ways to reduce and reuse at your school, email Cher Mohring or call 513-946-7737.

  1. Conduct a Waste Audit
  2. Encourage Reusable Beverage Containers
  3. Host a Rummage or Exchange Sale
  4. Reduce Paper Waste
  5. Reduce Waste at Lunch

A waste audit (PDF) is a way to see what a school's garbage is made up of so that a plan can be made for reducing, reusing, and recycling. (As a bonus, use the data collected for real-world math lessons on weight and volume, and creating graphs and charts.)

Collect, sort, and weigh the waste. The audit can be carried out prior to the implementation of a school action plan to reduce waste and repeated after the school has implemented actions to reduce waste. From the data collected, the school will be able to measure the effectiveness of the plan.

Looking for more detail on how to conduct a waste audit? Email Hamilton County R3Source or call 513-946-7737.