Mow Greener Exchange Program

Mow Greener registration is now open for 2024. Receive a $100 VISA gift card when you purchase a new battery-powered lawn mower after January 1, 2024, and upload a receipt for verification. There is a limited supply of gift cards; first come, first served. You must be a resident of Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Hamilton, or Warren counties, Ohio. One gift card per household. Register below!

Why Switch Mower Types?

  • Battery-powered mowers run cleaner than gas and oil-based engines.
  • Battery-powered mowers are easier to maintain: no gas, oil or spark plugs.
  • Battery-powered mowers are light weight & easy to start.
  • Battery packs can be used in other same voltage/brand lawn care equipment.
  • No more driving to the gas station to purchase gas/oil for the lawn mower.
  • Charging an electric lawn mower is cheaper than using gasoline. 
  • Gas powered lawn equipment accounts for 17 percent of all VOC emissions, 12 percent of NOx emissions, 29 percent of CO emissions, and 4 percent of CO2 emissions nationally.
  • The U.S. EPA estimates that more than 17 million gallons of gasoline is spilled each year while refueling lawn equipment, which pollutes the soil and releases VOCs.

Tip: be sure to properly store your battery-powered lawn mower to keep it out of direct sunlight when not in use. Keep the battery clean and dry. For more information and product reviews, refer to this Better Homes and Gardens article: The 6 Best Battery-Powered Lawn Mowers of 2024.

Mow Greener is funded from a legal settlement with Volkswagen. The motor vehicle manufacturer violated emission control regulations several years ago. For more information, refer to the U.S. EPA website.

2024 Mow Greener Form

  1. Mow Greener Pledge

    I pledge that I have or plan to recycle my gas-powered lawn mower. I have or will purchase a new battery powered lawn mower, and will provide a readable copy of the receipt of my purchase made after January 1, 2023. By signing this document, I am acknowledging that I must complete these steps in order to receive a $100 VISA Gift Card.

  2. Mow Greener Recycling Confirmation*
  3. Click "BROWSE" to upload your receipt. Accepted file formats are PNG, JGP, and PDF.

  4. Gift Card Delivery

    How would you like to receive your gift card?

  5. One more question!*

    How did you learn about Mow Greener?

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Scrap Metal Recycler List 

It is recommended that you call the metal recycler in advance to check materials accepted and hours of operation.

Clermont County

Round Bottom Recycling: 5100 River Valley Rd., Milford, 45150; 513-248-4435

Clinton County

Refer to Clinton County’s website for options.

Hamilton County

Garden Street Iron & Metal: 2815 Spring Grove Ave, Cincinnati, 45225; 513-721-4660;  7500 New Haven Road, Harrison, OH 45030; 513-738-2678

Miamitown Auto Parts & Recycling: 6980 State Route 128, Cleves, OH 45002; 513-353-1111

Warren County

Phipps Auto Parts, 10429 Cozaddale-Murdock Rd., Morrow 45152; 513-722-2034