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Posted on: August 25, 2021

New Logos Revealed


Hamilton County Environmental Services is proud to announce that a year-long effort to rebrand the department has culminated today with the release of new websites, new logos and one new agency name. This work was done to better represent Environmental Services to county residents as one unified department that houses both the Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency and Hamilton County R3Source (formerly referred to as the Recycling and Solid Waste District).


What do the new logos represent?

ESLogoRGBHamilton County Environmental Services is the parent organization for our two divisions: Hamilton County R3Source and Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency. The Environmental Services logo establishes our font and color themes for all three departments. The combination of blues and greens represent air, water, and the earth. The mark at the top of the logo expresses a spread of leaves.  


The Air Quality logo maintains a similar look and feel as the Environmental Services logo. However, the Air Quality logo emphasizes the color blue and its mark is reminiscent of fan blades that encourage the flow of air.


The Hamilton County R3Source logo uses several unique elements to convey its mission to residents. The name itself, "Resource" was chosen to emphasize our position as the primary resource for your waste reduction issues. "R3” refers to the "Reduce. Reuse. Recycle." tagline that is the foundation of our work. Finally, the graphic mark put’s a new spin on a well-known recycling symbol while housing it inside a sphere that alludes to our goal of growing a circular economy.


Why Hamilton County R3Source?

It was critical that as a part of our rebranding that we rename the Recycling and Solid Waste District to something that better conveys all the work done by our dedicated staff. Hamilton County R3Source provides residents with a name that is easy to remember and reinforces our position as the primary resource for information and assistance on a wide array of waste reduction issues. 

Will Hamilton County R3Source continue to offer the same services, programs, and events?

Yes, Hamilton County R3Source will continue to provide the programs that Hamilton County residents are accustomed to, including Yard Trimmings Drop-offs, Household Hazardous Product collection and disposal, and compost bin sales. Drop-off. We are committed to providing all Hamilton County residents with the best assistance possible to help you meet your waste reduction goals. 

Where Can I find Hamilton County R3Source on Social Media?
You can find Hamilton County R3Source and the Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency on the same channels and in the same places as before. All our social media outlets listed below have been updated to reflect our new branding. 

Hamilton County R3Source


Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency

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